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How do I contact ram breeders?

BreederFinder provides contact details for owners of SIL flocks. This SIL eSearch tool was introduced in September 2011 and replaces the old Breeder Search tool.

Searches can be made using a variety of criteria, even partial flock or owner names. The tool searches through all SIL flocks that are actively recording performance information.

Users of the other two eSearch tools, FlockFinder & RamFinder, can use BreederFinder to find out what other active flocks a breeder has on SIL.

Use BreederFinder to obtain flock owner contact details

Click here to go to BreederFinder (website version)

This tool is under test. Users wishing to provide feedback should contact SIL by email ( or telephone (0800-SILHELP).

A Quick Reference Guide for BreederFinder will be available later

*** NEWS FLASH ***  In November 2014 B+LNZ Genetics released a smart phone app merging the functions of the webpage based tools BreederFinder and FlockFinder. For smart phone users, the new app supercedes the website based version. To find out more, click here.