Buying Rams
Buying Rams

*** eSearch BreederFinder *** NEW

SIL will replace the old Breeder Search Tool with a revised and updated tool called BreederFinder. This will list all actively performance recording flocks owned by a SIL breeders. The tool searches the entire SIL database for the information requested. It is not restricted to flocks participating in SIL-ACE as are the other eSearch tools, FlockFinder and RamFinder.

*** eSearch FlockFinder *** 

SIL has introduced a web-based tool, eSearch FlockFinder, to help ram buyers locate ram sellers (breeding flocks) that have genetic information on traits a buyer rates as important. The search is restricted to those SIL breeders participating in the SIL-ACE genetic evaluation.

*** eSearch RamFinder ***  Now being tested

SIL is testing a web-based tool, eSearch RamFinder, to help ram breeders locate individual rams with specific combinations of genetic merit for traits they specify and which they think will add to their breeding programmes. The search is restricted to those SIL breeders participating in the SIL-ACE genetic evaluation. Try it out and send us any feedback you have. 


Links to SIL breeder webpages
External webpages for SIL breeders. Information here describes their breeding philosophies, the flocks they have and how you can contact them.

Ram Buyer Tips
Documents are available that describe SIL information commonly presented when buying lambs.
ibe SIL information commonly presented when buying lambs.

Articles on practical genetics from the rural media
These articles are written for farmers and others workign in the breeding industry. They mainly have a practical focus.

SIL flocks registered to select for health traits
Lists of SIL flocks selecting for health traits - Resistance to internal parasites, Resilience to internal parasites, Facial Eczema tolerance.

SIL-ACE is the across flock, across breed evaluation that SIL perfroms at regular intervals. Results are available as SIre Leader Lists and through the eSearch tools, FlockFinder & RamFinder.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
The SIL-ACE report downloads page.

Ram page signup
The ram pages are a facility for breeders to have their own page within the SIL web site.


Ram Sales Calendars
A list of sales dates - not active