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Which flocks have rams that address my needs?

FlockFinder is designed for ram buyers. It helps you identify flocks recording the specific performance traits you are targetting. These flocks will have the genetic information you can use to guide your choice of animals when purchasing rams.

FlockFinder allows you to choose the few key traits you are focusing on and reports on flocks that have genetic information (breeding values or indexes) for these traits.

The SIL website based version of Flock-Finder searches through the results of SIL-ACE, the large-scale, across flock, across breed genetic evaluation that SIL regularly conducts. Over 300 SIL flocks participate in the SIL-ACE evaluation.

SIL flock owners can help you use SIL information to get the rams that will deliver on your goals.

Use FlockFinder to identify flocks selling rams that address your needs

*** NEWS FLASH ***  In November 2014 B+LNZ Genetics released a smart phone app merging functions of webpage based tools BreederFinder & FlockFinder, extending reporting to all active SIL flocks.

Click here for SIL website FlockFinder

Click here for Smartphone version of FlockFinder

Users wishing to provide feedback should contact SIL by email ( or telephone (0800-SILHELP).

A User Guide for the SIL website version of FlockFinder is available and can be printed out. The last page of this Guide is a Quick Reference to FlockFinder search features.

Click here for SIL website FlockFinder User Guide