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Where are the animals I could use in my breeding programme?

RamFinder is designed for ram breeders (sellers). It is a powerful search engine that trawls through the large SIL-ACE evaluation to locate animals that meet a range of selection criteria specified by the user. 

RamFinder searches through the latest results of SIL-ACE, the large-scale, across flock, across breed genetic evaluation that SIL regularly conducts. Over 350 SIL flocks are included in the SIL-ACE evaluation. Over 60% of new animals added to SIL each year are in this evaluation.

A wide range of criteria can be used based on SIL indexes and BV traits, breed, geographical location and other variables. This tool can be used to find where the genetics are of the type you want to bring into your breeding programme.

Users can specify which traits are in the index of overall merit used by RamFinder and set windows or ceilings for different traits. Results can be ranked or reranked on most variables. Individual animal results can be viewed pictorially as a bar graph for variables chosen by the user. Flock owner contact details are just a click away.

Use RamFinder to find individual animals with the genetic merit you specify

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RamFinder is currently in an industry test phase of development. Users wishing to provide feedback should contact SIL by email ( or telephone (0800-SILHELP).

See the User Guide for RamFinder for an explanation of how to use this tool effectively.