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Ram Buyer Tips

SIL eSearch FlockFinder tool
This tool identifies flocks recording the specific performance traits you are targetting. These flocks have the genetic information you can use to guide your choice of animals when purchasing rams.Results are derived from SIL-ACE, the largest sheep evaluation in the world.

SIL eSearch BreederFinder tool -  *** NEW ***
This tool returns flock contact details when the user knows the flock name (prefix), SIL flock number, owner name or breed. It searches through all active flocks that are recording performance information on SIL.

Ram Buyers Guide  *NEW*
Quick tips and pointers on genetic plans and buying rams 

Ram Buying
What SIL tells us about genetic merit for a ram.

Ram Sale Catalog

What the SIL figures mean - terms commonly used in ram sale catalogs.