The New Zealand Genetic Evaluation (NZGE) is New Zealand’s national across flock and breed sheep evaluation to identify the best rams for economic traits. 

NZGE provides three major outputs for the New Zealand sheep industry. FlockFinder is a tool to help ram buyers locate flocks with genetic information on traits they want to improve. RamFinder is a tool to help ram breeders locate individual animals with specific combinations of genetic merit for traits they specify. Lastly, SIL also produces Sire Leader Lists to identify high genetic merit sires for a number of indexes and goal traits. These lists can be downloaded in pdf and comma delimited text file (csv file) formats. 



NZGE Leader List Opt Out
From Feb 2017 all flocks meeting the NZGE leader list criteria are eligible to be listed unless they choose to opt out of the NZGE Leader List.

NZGE Leader List Criteria
Criteria for NZGE Leader List eligibility.



  • Click here for BreederFinder 
  • Click here for FlockFinder
  • Click here for RamFinder
  • Click here for Sire Leader Lists (NZGE downloads page) 


    NZGE Summary

    • NZGE  evaluation uses all information in all active and references flocks on SIL
    • NZGE is run weekly using all data in all flocks and produces the best BVs possible for both within and across flock reporting  as it includes all data in all flocks and all connectedness
    • Within flock and across flock groups can report a variety indexes, subindexes and breeding values in different combinations and formats but the underpinning breeding values are consistent across all reports based on a particular NZGE run.
    • Connectedness to the main group is important to be able to validly compare values across flocks. A list of flocks connected for indexes and traits is available on the SIL website.
    • NZ Leader lists published on the website are based on the NZ Maternal Worth and NZ Terminal Worth indexes and options and are updated two monthly. To be listed sires must be connected for the trait(s), be of high merit and exceed minimum accuracy thresholds. These standard indexes are designed to aid communication with commercial farmers
    • Percentile bands tables for sires with progeny in the previous 3 years (which are a highly selected group) and for the previous birth year of young rams (most suited to commercial purchasers of rams) are available on the website
    • Online search tools will use the NZGE dataset
    • NZGE replaces SIL-ACE, it uses all animals, in all flocks to estimate genetic merit.


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