Questions and Answers

qHow do I use RamFinder?


First select the type of sheep you are looking for – Dual Purpose to breed replacement ewes, or Terminal Sire – to produce only lambs for carcass production.


Now choose what traits you want to base your overall index of merit on by ticking the boxes in the “Use” column of the Goal traits section of the table. Note that you can still show SIL sub-indexes for traits that are not in your overall index of merit by checking the “Show” box for a trait while leaving the “Use” box clear.

Choose minimum or maximum constraints for only a few indexes (or BVs). Putting too many constraints on will lead to few or no animals found.

To view BVs to place constraints on, tick the box in the top right corner of the Criteria table.

Alter the sort criteria as required.

Select age of animals you want to find. Note that if you have a very wide range, the search may fail due to too many animals being found or taking too long to find animals that match your other specifications.

Select region if you want. (SIL recommends you do not initially.)

Pick progeny birth years, if you want to restrict a search to animals with progeny

Specify Genetic Vision or Breed proportions to restrict the search to the genotype of animals you are looking for. (See answer to next question.)

Use the flock criteria to restrict a search to just three or less flocks and/or exclude just three or less flocks from your search.

Hit the search button at the bottom of the window to start your search.

qWhat does Sheep Type mean?


This setting has two options: Genetic Vision and Breeds in Pedigree.

Genetic Vision is like “breed” but it accounts for the fact that some flocks are marketed based on a breeding strategy or brand and may have more than one breed in the background pedigree


You cannot select multiple breeds for this variable. You must conduct separate searches for each breed you may be interested in.
Breeds in Pedigree allows you to specify which of several breeds may (or may not) be in the pedigree background of animals you are searching for.

qWhat are the current index and breeding value definitions?


qWhy is there a grey arrow linking the BVs Lamb Growth and Adult Size?


Selection for faster growth is expected to lead to increases in adult size, if genetic merit for adult size is ignored.


SIL recommends that both Lamb Growth and Adult Size be included for DP sheep indexes, where rams are used to breed replacement ewes. However, you can choose whether or not to do this because there may be circumstances where genetic merit for adult size is not wanted in the index for total genetic merit. The grey arrow linking these Goal Traits for DP sheep is a reminder that these two traits are closely linked genetically.

qSearch times out before giving you results?


If you have very few restrictions, the eSearch engine will find so many animals that the search stops.


Try adding some more criteria to focus your search more. Timeouts often occur if you select ANY for genetic vision and you apply no index or eBV trait thresholds.