Performance recording & genetic evaluation for the New Zealand sheep industry

SIL is a tool for both ram breeders and ram buyers. SIL is part of Beef+Lamb New Zealand, funded partly from sheepmeat levies and partly from fees charged to breeders.

This web site is here to help ram breeders and buyers make the most of SIL. SIL welcomes any feedback you have about this website - just use the "Contact us" link to the left on your screen.


  • FlockFinder smart app version - Find out more about our free smartphone app and where you can download it
  • eSearch BreederFinder                         Find SIL breeder contact information
  • NZGENew Zealand Genetic Evaluation is the national evaluation of all SIL performance recorded flocks. It underpins several online tools and resources.
  • eSearch FlockFinder - website version      An old version of the SIL ram buyers tool - find ram breeding flocks that are recording performance for traits you want to improve. A new & updated version is available as a smartphone app.
  • eSearch RamFinder    
    A SIL ram breeders tool - powerful search engine that allows users familiar with SIL system to specify wide range of criteria to search for individual animals


Best Practice Guide for Ram Breeders     - 21/12/2016
A copy of the Best Practice Guide has been distributed to all SIL Breeders this month. read more

NZGE Leader List Opt Out     - 20/12/2016
From Feb 2017 all flocks meeting the NZGE Leader List criteria are eligible to be listed unless they choose to opt out of the NZGE Leader List. read more