September 2017

From September 2017 the NZGE Leader Lists include the two NZGE developments released in late August, updated relative economic values (REVs) and the incorporation of DNA information into the merit prediction. To reflect the inclusion of DNA information when available, breeding values are now reported as gBVs.

For individuals with performance data only the gBV will equal the eBV.
For individuals with molecular information, the eBV and mBVs (molecular BV) are combined on the basis of the relative accuracy of each BV to produce  gBV.
Further details on the update Breeding Objectives (REVs), Capped reproduction and Breeding Values from NZGE (gBVs) can be found on the SIL website under News or in Technical Notes.


NZGE Index Leader Lists

Formatted Reports Text files Index
pdf csv New Zealand Terminal Worth
(Survival, Growth, Meat)
pdf csv New Zealand Maternal Worth
(Reproduction, Survival, Growth, Adult Size, Wool)
pdf csv Maternal Worth + Meat Yield
(Reproduction, Survival, Growth, Adult Size, Wool, Meat Yield)
pdf csv Maternal Worth + WormFEC
(Reproduction, Survival, Growth, Adult Size, Wool, WormFEC)
pdf csv Maternal Worth + Facial Eczema
(Reproduction, Survival, Growth, Adult Size, Wool, Facial Eczema)
pdf csv New Zealand Maternal Worth + Dag Score
(Reproduction, Survival, Growth, Adult Size, Dag Score)

NZGE Trait Leader Lists

SIL formatted reports Text files in CSV format Goal Trait
pdf csv Reproduction
pdf csv Survival Dual Purpose
pdf csv Survival Terminal
pdf csv Growth Dual Purpose
pdf csv Growth Terminal
pdf csv Adult Size
pdf csv Meat Dual Purpose
pdf csv Meat Terminal
pdf csv Wool
pdf csv WormFEC
pdf csv Facial Eczema
pdf csv Dag Score


NZGE Analysis Information

Participants and flock connectedness table
*** This table lists flock type e.g. DP or TS ***

Percentile bands table

National Genetic Trends (DP)

National Genetic Trends (TS)

National Genetic Trends (Health)


NZGE Connectedness Graphs

Adult Size
Facial Eczema
Dag Score


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